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We help you create all the accurate* tax documents you need to stay confident in your crypto trades.

*You are required by the government to be transparent about all your transactions on cryptocurrency - we support them all!


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A cryptotax tool,
built by traders, for traders.
For any number of transactions

Never pay more than what you owe.

Apply FIFO or LIFO to process your trades based on the previous year's tax filing method.

Avoid common mistakes on spreadsheets or IRS forms.

All you need to do is to download the reports, or connect it to your favorite tax software. 

Understand how your revenue truly reflects.

We make this an effortless process by backtracing your trades to the time they were made.

Pick your favorites!

We support your favorite exchange hubs and natively integrate with a lot of them. For all the rest, there's CSV uploading.

Have the perfect overview.

In the case of an audit, get a clear picture of every taxable event, across every year. Access your complete audit trail!

Get clarity and precision.

If you're uncertain, or wish to truly automate your filing and hand-off the thought-work, get our managed services.

It's a simple process.

Easily import your transactions from any source and with our integrations ensure all touch points are synced with your audit trails.

Consolidate your trades

Review and classify income

Preview gain/loss

Download and file taxes

File your taxes anywhere, anytime

With our simple web app, you are fully equipped to log your transactions, even on the go.

Customer support is available to help you out 24/7.

“It’s simplicity simply blows away the competition. Super service friendly, too. Highly recommend them”

John Harris

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“Went from excel sheets and tedious re-checking audits, to having it all centralized. Thank you Bear Tax”

Andreas Wright


“I started on another site and was so confused. Bear Tax was so easy and the customer service was awesome”

Tony Ellis


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